I am going to start teaching one on one online art classes via skype. I have never seen classes or workshops done this way. I am going to offer them at thirty dollars an hour in at least two hour blocks. Priority will be given to students who commit to doing classes every week as opposed to a one class opportunity. While there will be some limitations, these are some of the perks to this way of education:



One on one, you can't get more personal! I will be doing demonstrations, and can also critique your work, studio set up, lighting, etc.

You can use your own studio set up the way you prefer. You also will be able to see my studio as I prefer to have it set up.

I can tailor instruction to your needs as opposed bending to the needs of an entire class.

I have thought for a long time about how to keep this as simple as possible for the student. The requirements are quite minimal. They are as follows:



A tripod, and a tripod mount for a phone (I can explain in greater detail), or a tablet, or a laptop with a camera.

A strong Wifi connection

Thats it!